Zhejiang and Television Culture Co. Ltd, its predecessor is Hongkong and international star Broker Co., Ltd, its star brokerage business has covered more than 95% of the market share in Jinhua, Bingzhe integrity, Thanksgiving, cooperation, share ideas, developed a deep trust relationship with customers, establish a partnership with hundreds of domestic and international a movie star at the same time, more is to make a group of friends like celebrity friends! The ascent to the television business in star brokers, obtained the cross-strait three producer, director, screenwriter help! And in the second half of the year will invest in a webcast series, a digital cinema, in preparation of a modern commercial idol drama will begin shooting in the first half of next year.
Energy savings, poised to take off, we have the strength to also have the ability to become a dark horse in the film industry, maybe we can do better than that! Look forward to exciting!

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