誠信-- 不僅是一種觀念或態度,它對企業而言則是一種資源,對個人就是一顆真善之“心”,和通人特別珍惜它。

感恩-- 是個體責任和企業責任的集中體現,真誠的感恩于公司、同事、父母、客戶及社會,這是我們和通人一直以來引以為榮的方面。

合作-- 是通向成功的一種方式,通過合作實現雙贏,這是我們和通人所具的最為特色品質。

分享-- 是個人、因隊和企業成功的基石,和通人在面對客戶、供應商和員工時,都堅守分享的理念,共贏。

Zhejiang and Television Culture Co. Ltd, its predecessor is Hongkong and international star Broker Co., Ltd, its star brokerage business has covered more than 95% of the market share in Jinhua, Bingzhe integrity, Thanksgiving, cooperation, share ideas, developed a deep trust relationship with customers, establish a partnership with hundreds of domestic and international a movie star at the same time, more is to make a group of friends like celebrity friends! The ascent to the television business in star brokers, obtained the cross-strait three producer, director, screenwriter help! And in the second half of the year will invest in a webcast series, a digital cinema, in preparation of a modern commercial idol drama will begin shooting in the first half of next year. Energy savings, poised to take off, we have the strength to also have the ability to become a dark horse in the film industry, maybe we can do better than that! Look forward to exciting!

Company's development vision is to make and pass to become the leader in Chinese Internet Television Cultural industry. We uphold the integrity, Thanksgiving, cooperation, the concept of sharing as the cornerstone, is has profound implications: honesty -- is not only a kind of idea or attitude, is a kind of resource to enterprises which, for the individual is a really good "heart", and people especially cherish it.

Thanksgiving -- is the concentrated reflection of individual responsibility and corporate responsibility, sincere gratitude to the company, parents, colleagues, customers and society, this is our people always take it as a great honour and respect.

Cooperation is a way to success, through cooperation to achieve win-win situation, this is the most characteristic quality for us and Walter with.

Share - is personal, team and enterprise the cornerstone of our success, and people in the face of customers, suppliers and employees, will adhere to the concept of sharing, win-win.

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